Monday, January 19, 2009

a month

Last year I even did it for longer then a month, but this year I want at least to redo a minimal effort, thus I'm going for a month of sobriety, as a kind of cleansing :) (and no, I'm not religious).

These are my 5 daily checkpoints:

  1.  smoothie for breakfast

    This is something which we (me and my wife) do already anyway, have a fresh fruit smoothie for breakfast. Currently our favorite mix is 4 blood oranges, freshly pealed and parted, a seep of  Sea-buckthorn elixir, and a couple of frozen strawberries (or cranberries). Mix all in the blender, long enough to don't have any parts left. It is extremely tasty, and gives a serious vitamin boost for the winter. The idea is to have it for breakfast and then don't drink or eat anything else for at least 1.5 hours, to make sure it's (almost) fully digested.

  2. < 4 coffee

    This is a hard one; people who know me will know I'm a serious coffee lover. I have a special espresso machine, and typically serve single origin or special blend coffees. It's hard to resist :)

  3. exercise

    Just a walk with the dogs already counts.

  4. no sugar

    This is usually not so hard for me, as I'm not into sweets anyway.

  5. no alcohol

    This is tougher. I'll have to stick to coffee, tea and fruit juices.
This is all as much a physical as a mental exercice :)

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