Thursday, September 27, 2012

fixing things with sugru

Sugru is air-curable silicone rubber. It is easily shape-able by hand and cures in about a day. It stays good for about 6 months in the original packages, but I store it in the fridge where it will stay good a bit longer.

Etching tank

When I'm not etching I want to store the etchant away in a safe place. I use glass jars stored in a hazardous materials container for that. The tricky thing is to pour the etchant from the tank into the glass jars without spoiling any as it is both toxic and corrosive. The tank being rectangular in shape makes this nearly impossible.

The solution: a sugru-made (I mixed two colors here) round shaped high side-walled  pouring guide.

A test run with water show it works great. Not a single drop of spill.

Screw protector

This is actually something fixed by Isabelle. One of the screw protectors in the horse trailer got missing and she was worried her horse might injure herself on the exposed screw. Some sugru to the rescue!

On the right the normal screw protector, on the left the sugru fix.


One of the knobs to keep a panel in place in the fridge had broken off. We probably overloaded that particular part in the panel, although it is also arguably a week construction. It is fixed with sugru and seems to hold until now, although we also re-organized the fridge to get a better weight distribution. Sorry for the unclear picture but I didn't feel like taking the fridge apart again.


Sugru is handy stuff! Highly recommended to have some off it in your house, especially as it allows you to easily fix things you might normally just throw away and buy anew. Less waste is good!

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