Thursday, April 26, 2012

3D printing a LED diffuser directly on PCB

"3D printing a LED diffuser directly on PCB"

Yes, it is possible. Hence this quick blog post.

This lamp is a simple proto PCB with a whole lot (>30) of high brightness 0603 white LEDs soldered on them with a few layers of 3D printed yellow PLA on top of them.

I had to add some DRAM heat-sinks to the back to deal with the massive heat production, especially given that PLA gets liquid at relatively low temperatures. Light production is quite poor, but it is cool for mood lighting.

To be continued.


Xander Lawson said...

Now we can just print spare parts for small appliances. I can only imagine what we can print in a few years.

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lafosse-john said...

Do you think it is possible to print an LED itself? I can't find anything on the subject. Seeing they are inexpensive anyway but if you where stuck on another planet and ran out of LED's could you not print it?